Friday, 29 October 2010

Website Analysis- Rhianna

Images & Logo
Represented as sexy and individual, the navigation page features a photo of her neck with an R painted over the image. It shows that although she is a sexualised artist she is also marketed to appeal to women so cannot be shows to be too revealing or seductive.
Flesh is shown, like most pop/RnB artists, however as she is more pop its not to such an extent as other artist of the RnB genre. Different to most other pop artists her website is dark, as opposed to bright like we expect from pop artists. However that may be due to her new "darker" pop to show her contrast from when she debuted as an artist.
New Technology & Links
The website offers the user various other ways to find out about Rhianna, via Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Youtube. These various methods will increase her popularity and increase her music videos.
Colour & Style 
The dark colour scheme shows that she is not a conventional pop artist, as we expect to see bright colours. However the font of the text is still girly and although the website is dark it still has a feminine look.
Written Content 
Impersonal and not even faked to be written by the artist, just shows an account of what she has done. This reinforces the tough image she has in the pop genre.
Font and Layout
Font is quite girly on the homepage, the font is dusty pink and quite girly in its shape. However the rest of the sites font is black and bold, very different to the homepage. This shows that they are trying to construct the girly tough image.
Target Audience
She is not over sexualised so she can appeal to her target audience of women, however she still appeals to her male audience as the unusual image is still appealing to men, also we can see she is not targeted at young children as her website is not for children more for teenagers.
The only advertisements on the website are for herself, therefore it is suitable for the target audience.

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