Saturday, 23 October 2010

Website Analysis Pixie Lott.

Images & Logo 
The artist is represented as sexy and outgoing. She is pictured on a motorbike with glasses and her hair blowing in the wind.
The main text is pink which fits into the pop conventions traditional colours.
New Technology & Links
She has links to join her fan page on myspace, facebook, youtube, bebo and twitter feed.
Colour and Style
The overall style gives the artist a modern girly look. She does this with the use of pink against a black background. Moving images and a city backdrop.
Written content 
The written info reinforces the artist as young fresh, ambitious and creative. They do this by referring to her age a lot and what she has already achieved.
Font and Layout
The layout is built up with lots of images and videos that keep the audience attracted to the site.
Target Audience
Main links to the social networks which will appeal to target audiences. Also no large bits of writing on homepage, younger target audiences attract more to images ect.
Laptop adverts, Gigs advertised, Nike trainers. Things suitable for target audience would all appeal to them. 

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