Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Proposal Treatment & Letter.

The Band / Artist genre & Song Title-
We will be making a video for the song 'One of the boys' by Katy Perry, this song fits into the pop genre.

What image will you create (similar to which existing artists), how is this suitable to genre?
We will be creating a typically 'girly girl' image for our artist. Similar to the artists such as Keesha, Lady GaGa, Pixie Lott and Lily Allen.

What visual style are you intending to create, how does this relate to the mood of the song?
We will be using bright colours with dull (lighting) at times to follow the narrative. With the camera we will use a lot of close-ups to show emotion, and make the audience empathise with the character. We will also use a lot of long-shots to give insight into the narrative and set the scene. 

What will happen in the video (narrative) and how does this relate to the song lyrics/music and mood?
 Our video will compliment the lyrics and go with the song. Because we will illustrate the story of a tomboy who wants to be a 'girly girl' and attract the attention of a male.

How is this targeting expectation of the audience?
Because teenagers (espically female) can relate to the typical boy, girl love story.

Letter to Artist:

Dear Katy Perry or whoever it may concern,

           We are writing to you, on behalf of students at Bilborough College in Nottingham to enquire/ask permission to use the song 'One of the Boys' from the debut album by Katy Perry, to produce a music video for the song as part of our A level Media Studies course. We will be working in a group of three to plan, direct, produce and edit the video. should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via this email address,

Yours sincerely
Rachel Willcocks, Crystal Bromwell and Charlotte McGovern

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