Thursday, 21 October 2010

Website analysis- Kesha

Website Analysis and research
Artist: Kesha

Images and logo: There are random images of wild animals scattered around the site to represent her fierce, rebellious, loud and crazy personality. There is also an image of Kesha herself, dressed in an animal print costume with a wild hairstyle and pose to further represent this. Her logo ‘Ke$ha’ is written in yellow tiger colours.

Genre: For the pop genre we expect big images of the artist in revealing costumes, bright, loud colours and wild/girly images. To an extent she follows this through the imagery of herself and the wild images however the colours chosen are quite dark. This could be to reflect that she is different to other pop artists.

New technology & links: Kesha uses media technology for promotion through youtube video’s of her released songs. Flashing images promoting her new album, and links to her own clothing store.

Colour and style: The colour is dark and gothic, and the style is consistent as the wild animal theme is reflected through the font, images and background. This says that the artist is a fun, party animal.

Font and layout: The layout is not in any particular order which reflects Kesha’s image, which is that she isn’t just an ordinary girl. The font type and style varies; her name is in a huge font to stand out from everything else, and important facts such as ‘Animal our now’ (the name of her new album) to capture the attention of browsers. Links are in normal, small font. The $ sign is used throughout to reflect her logo.

Written Content: The written style is quite formal, however there are some colloquial phrases which reinforce Kesha’s youthful image and the pop genre ‘twitter my ass’ and ‘latest stuff.’ There isn’t very much writing on her site and the majority of its content is images and video clips. There is also use of taboo language ‘you have no fucking idea’ which further represents her rebellious personality.

Target Audience: The use of social networking sites such as twitter is mentioned in order to target her audience of teenagers. The use of taboo language would attract her audience, images of Kesha which allows them to admire her image and want to be like her. And also the simple fact that there is a lot of imagery and video’s breaks up the intensity of writing so that it is a light read and could be seen as more fun, interesting and exciting.

Advertisements: The advertisements are suitable for the target audience. As her new album is being advertised, and her clothing range which are all things that fans would be interested in and also her music videos.

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