Thursday, 21 October 2010

Website Analysis- Lady Gaga

Images and logo: There are very few images on this website, except the large image of lady gaga herself. This represents her personality which is that she is very independent and that she may have wanted to reflect that everything is about her and she doesn’t need any fancy gimmicks.

Genre: Generic conventions of the pop genre are used through the sexual images; such as the close up’s of her lips and face.

New technology & links: Gaga uses media technology for promotion through links to youtube videos links to her store, competitions and links to her twitter page.

Colour and style: The colours used are quite dark and metallic which is not typical if this genre. The style of the site is very sophisticated almost like a news spread, which says gaga isn’t just this wild abstract character that she portrays.

Font and layout: The layout is very formal using headings to section each part of the website. The font style stays consistent throughout but the sizing varies to highlight important information. This constructs Lady gaga’s image as she likes to be unique and since we wouldn’t expect this layout for her site it highlights again that she is unique and doesn’t like to follow generic conventions.

Written Content: The written style is again very sophisticated just stating the information about Lady Gaga not in a way which connects with the target audience.

Target Audience: Twitter is used to a large extent on her website, this could be because this is a way for her target audience to connect with her and follow what she is getting up to. There is also two links to two over websites ‘gagadaily.com’ and ‘ladygagaonline.net’ to intrigue her audience as these two websites could have simply been incorporated in her main website.

Advertisements: The advertisements to stop children being born with HIV, this suggests that Lady Gaga has a caring side to her and I think this is suitable for her target audience because they are likely to take an interest in this since Gaga is interested in it, so it can be used to create awareness in her cause.

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