Thursday, 21 October 2010

website analysis- cheryl cole

Images & Logo -
Large pictures that take up half of the space of her face. Close-up photograph of the artist gives more of a personal representation. Represented in quite a sexual way, with the artist showing the top of her back and having no clothing visible.

Light pink colours used with a black background. This fit’s the generic conventions with the black background indicating a modern classic look with pink used to define the girly pop genre.

New Technology & Links -
Links to by music on Amazon, Play and HMV websites. There is small ( but hardly viewable) social networking links.

Colour & Style -
The overall styling of the website is very classic, they artist uses this with classic italic font and images in black and white. However there is a modern twist with baby pink outlining around text and images.

Written content -
There is not a large amount of writing however there is small points of news and a small biography is available on other pages. This however will appeal to the younger target audience as they will appeal to the images more than text.

Font  and Layout -
The artists image is constructed with the layout of the page half images and half small points of texts. There is also a sliding photographs with a small point of text with each photograph.

Target Audience -
To appeal to the target audience there is a large use of video and images. Other than that there is links to social networking sites which will appeal to the target audience as they will use these resources.

Advertisements -
Main advertisements include TV Licensing, which is suitable for the target audience as they will use these types of media to view the artist.

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