Thursday, 21 October 2010


Quite a few of our shots will be filmed in a bedroom which will be the artists bedroom. When she is performing parts of the song it will be in here. The room is quite light already but we will have a light just in case it is needed. There is a power socket in the room and we can always use an extension cord to make the equipment easier to use We will decorate the room to make this a suitable location by putting posters on the wall of football teams etc and dark bedsheets to reflect that she is a tomboy. We will also use props in the rooms such as a guitar, football trophy's, and sporty clothing. This is an example of a poster we will use.

Another location were using is a bathroom, we will the the girl sitting on the edge of the bath attempting to shave her legs. This room is quite light ( it has two large windows) however we will bring a light to the location just in case. It may be quite difficult to get an electrical source safely in the bathroom but we plan to do this with an extension lead coming from a close by room.

 Our final locations in the house will be the landing and stairs of the house. We will have to use an extension cord from a close room again to insure we can use our equipment properly.

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