Friday, 15 October 2010

Our inital ideas part two

Having chosen Katy Perry as our artist, we then looked at her latest album 'Teenage Dream' for an unreleased single. We chose the song 'One Of The Boys' because there is a story line to it so immediately we all had several idea's for the video. 
'One Of The Boys' track

Firstly, we was influenced by one of Katy perry previous music video's called 'Your So Gay.' This video tells the story through barbie dolls cutting back to her singing every now and again.
'Your So Gay' music video

The idea of using dolls is quirky which shows the artists personality. It also links to Katy Perry being seen as attractive artist with a perfect 'barbie' like image. This has been demonstrated with the release of her own Katy Perry Barbie doll.

Then we thought of the possible limitations of this idea, which is that it would be hard to move the barbie dolls whilst still looking effective. So we then thought of using references to a TV programme, which is when we came up with the idea of making our music video look like an episode of MTV's 'Made.' This programme is about teenagers who want to be transformed into something that they are the complete opposite of. For example, a tomboy wanting to become a beauty pageant, they will then get a coach who guides them into becoming that dream in this case the beauty pageant. They will be given tasks throughout which aid them towards their goal such as wearing heels then gradually make up etc. So since our chosen track is about a boisterous girl who doesn't want to be seen as one of the boys, we though we could show her transformation into becoming a girl and in the end she gets the boy of her dreams, using the convection's of the TV programme 'Made.'
This is the trailer to an episode of made where a group of cheerleaders want to be acknowledged

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