Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Throughout our video, digipak and website we have aimed to maintain a girly theme. Within our video we introduce our actress to makeup, “girly”clothes and general conventions of being a girl.  The CD cover and website both share  a common background, a collage created by hand the scanned onto the computed. They both feature pink, makeup and girly images heavily. Something we have tried to integrate into the video however not as  successfully as the ancillary texts. This however is due to the narrative content of our video, we needed to focus some of the video on the “tomboy”aspect of the song. Another theme we have integrated in our main production and ancillary text is the “made” (MTV television programme). The collage features the logo and the video follows the same format. We feel that we have integrated this theme successfully. They all have the purpose of appealing to our target audience, teenage girls. The images aren’t over sexualised however may appeal to boys as it features an image of a girl in makeup, appealing to teenage boys.  Katy Perry’s music goes with images as theya are fun, as is her music. They websites girly pink layout fits her image as the photo fits in with it aswell. All features appeal to our audience.

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