Friday, 24 December 2010

Advanced Portfolio Critical Evaluation.

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
How have you stuck to conventions of the genre, forms and conventions of music video and musical genres?
We have stuck to the conventions of the genre, forms and conventions of music video with the main theme behind the music video a narrative of romance between boy and girl. We have also stuck to the pop conventions by highlighting the sexuality and  of the female artists and having a large element of our music video focusing on the transformation of the artists character into a typical attractive character. We also stick with the typical combination of narrative and performance for a pop music video.

Have you used postmodern ideas to challenge existing music video conventions?
We feel that we have integrated a large postmodern element of having the music video and narrative based around the television progamme 'MADE' by MTV. This challenges the music video conventions as it hasn't been done before and therefore makes the video quite unique.

What overall effect has the challenging of these conventions had on your product?
However we do feel that challenging these conventions and creating such a unique idea for the music video still works and fits into the conventions of the music genre and artist. This is because our artist Katy Perry is linked a lot with MTV ( she hosted the mtv music awards), also she is known for being a big character and the show 'MADE' is all about drastically changing people into the type of person they want to be. In the case of our music video this is confident, sexy and attractive, many attributes which Katy Perry is known for.


3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

How did you gather audience feedback and what issues where raised?
We gathered audience feedback by having another group watch our music video, and comment on how they think it is looking so far using a sheet with promt questions. The only issue raised was that the narrative was a little unclear but this may have been because we did this audience feedback quite early on so our clips were not at the right point in the song as we still had more filming left to do.

Do you agree with your audience feedback and what are the possible problems of such a process?
We agree with our audience feedback. The majority of the comments were positive such as the idea of using the tv programme made, our locations and our use of shots. However th prooblem with this process could be that our audience knew us so they may have been bias and also we gave feedback on their music video so they may have given positive comments due to that.

Did you change your production to meet audience needs? What did you have to change?We have a few shots which we filmed with the camera infront of the mac which one of us wrote 'day one building self confidence' and various points in the music video. We used a background of a scrapbook and through our audience feedback someone noticed a fault with the background so this made us refilm it all together and we are much happier with our new shots.
4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning ans evaluation stages? 
What technologies did you employ to create your production? Did they drive your creativity?
Some technologies we used to create our production included using Photoshop as a backdrop for a notebook    in the video, this is similar to the notebook back drop that they use in the actually T.V show 'MADE' and drove our creativity more to use Photoshop to edit other bits of filming with handwriting scribbles such as on the progamme.

How did you use technology to research and plan your production? How have you used technology (youtube) to gather audience feedback? 
We have used technology to research and plan our production mainly with using youtube to research different types of pop music videos, previous videos by our artist. Also we looked at other peoples versions of a video for 'one of the boys' and noted things that didn't work so that we would not make the same problems with our video.

How has online media technology enabled you to distribute your project to a wide audience?
Online media technology such as youtube and facebook has allowed us to distribute our video to a wider audience by posting and sending links to people and then seeing feedback from people via the use of comments and ratings.

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