Monday, 1 November 2010

Digipak Research.

Kelly Clarkson - ‘All I ever wanted’
This Digipack is appropriate to the genre ad the artist uses bright colours to attract target audience and has a large photograph of the artist which shows the importance of artists image in the pop genre. The yellow circle behind the photograph of the artist emphasises the photo more. The close up of the artists herself with her hair blowing in the wind and he lips shining helps present the artist as attractive and makes the customer focus on her image. The photograph of Kelly Clarkson is placed in the middle to increase all possible focus on her. The inside of the Digipack also has a close-up of her face and an extreme close-up of her lips in red glitter. This is using the artists body to sexualise her image, a main convention of the pop genre. The font is multi-coloured which creates her image as fun and creative.

Pink - 'Missundaztood'
This digipack is appropriate to the genre the main colour scheme is silver and pink this fits with the genre of modern pop. In keeping with the pop theme the inside of the digipack has a pink background with barb wire in light pink on the background.  This barb wire, as part of the mise-en-scene creates a tough, ‘bad girl’ image. The clothing of the artist sexualises the artist with her lower back showing and a front cut top. The digipack also helps create this image for the artist with graffiti style font. This is also done with photographs of the artist lying down representing her as laid back and cool. Like many other artists the font and back ( main covers of digipack) have photographs of the artist and on the front the artist is situation in the centre to draw maximum attention to. This digipack, unlike many others in the genre have no photographs of the artist on the inside but do however have the track lot written up in big on the inside and in smaller darker print on the back cover.

Natasha Bedingfield - 'Unwritten'
The C.D cover is relevant to the musical genre as it shows a close up of the artists face, a common trait in with female solo artists. The images all show an attractive a artist, and the colours all follow the same scheme, this making it appropriate to the genre. Natasha is dressed simply and in a relaxing setting, reflecting her sub-genre of pop as she is relaxed easy listening pop.  The use of childhood photos for the casing that holds the C.D sows she is represented as a "normal" girl to make her audience feel she is accessible as an artist. The font is fairly simple. Medium sized thick writing in white a brown. This creates the affect that the writing stands out on the back, as well as on the front it continues the relaxing theme of the digipak.  The image of the artist is pop, however her style of pop is far more relaxed and simple than other artists, for example lady gaga and the image and style represents this. 


This album cover is appropriate to the pop genre because there is a close up of the artist’s face, which attracts the main attention. This is one of the most common features of album covers in the pop genre, along with the artists name in quite big writing. Although the colour is quite dark it still has a girly element as it is subtle and compliments the white and pink writing and image. The image sells the artist as it shows she is fashion aware, and her facial expressions sells the artist as there are a few slow songs on this album which the audience can empathise with, and this could be what they were trying to represent.This back cover is appropriate as it shows the artist in more detail, to attract the target audience towards her. The colour is a little more girly here, using a purple background and they have repeated the logo of her name which is to convey the importance of her and that she is centre of attention as with most pop artists. The layout is conventional with the track list picture and logo. This sells the artist because there are visuals of her and her style.

Pixie Lott - 'Turn it up louder'
This C.D cover shows a close up of the artists face as seen with all of our other digipaks we have researched.   The pink writing contrasts well with the black and white background and shows a girly side.  The facial expression shows innocence, however the she wears a lot of make up so is also a sexualised artist. ths suits her image as a pop star as she is girl yet sexy.

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